“Pavilions”, Sydney Olympic Park, Homebush, by Mirvac

Pavilions by Jade Oakley, Sydney Olympic Park

Dec 2020

In the artist’s words, Jade Oakley writes: “Inspired by the two magnificent Port Jackson Fig trees at the entrance to the Pavilions, Figtree is made from a series of copper ribbons that twist up the walls, and curve into an arbour. The hand painted petals represent the figs which uniquely contain the fig tree flowers within them. The petals are balanced and able to move with the breeze, and the copper has been lovingly hand-textured to resemble the pitted, furrowed bark of the fig trees.

The Port Jackson Fig tree is a spectacular tree that grows on the rocky outcrops surrounding Sydney Harbour. This species is an iconic and unique vision with its muscular aerial roots and monumental buttress roots. The Port Jackson Fig is an emblematic representation of the original ecosystem of this site.”

Made out of hand forged copper and thermoformed hand painted acrylic, Jade’s trusted craftsmen included blacksmith Lok Sutherland, and scene painter Mikey Wolfe.