Between Two Rivers by Jade Oakley

Between Two Rivers by Jade Oakley

Client: LJ Link Constructions
Architect: Stephen Bowers Architects
Year: 2016

PublicArt Works worked with the developer LJ Link Constructions to adapt a foyer glass wall concept to become the feature art canvas. ‘Between Two Rivers’ is a concept for a 70 square metre glass wall: a layered artwork with etched contours of the streetscape patterns of the local area.

With half the wall within the private lobby, the DA art requirements were challenged. Ryde Council accepted the concept, acknowledging that the wall reads as a continuous whole with a dramatic visual integration of public domain and private foyer.

Axolotl’s amazing technique has brought Jade Oakley’s concept alive with embedded laser cut bronze sheet.

‘Between two Rivers’- Artist statement:

” We are between two rivers. This place where we live, work, love, is more than the present moment. Beneath us are ancient layers of sandstone; a topography sculpted by water and time, by the Parramatta and Lane Cove Rivers. We remember the land beneath us. The streets of Ryde and surrounds have been drawn organically like the cellular structure of plants.  They are metaphor for growth. The contours of the landscape are abstracted to become patterns of sedimentary sandstone.”